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ChoiceTech Accounting Solutions’ experts are here to increase your potential by removing your current limitations with affordable, innovative ERP solutions. 

Our experts work as a team to provide and optimize your existing workflow. We tailor your unique requirements to implement creative, customized, and practical solutions. We research and determine your needs by carefully evaluating your current procedures and requirements. Then we guide you in each step of the decision-making process to find the best solution based on your budget. We work with you to determine a suitable time in your business cycle to perform the migration. Then we bring in all your historical data as we transition you to the new solution to give you a pleasant experience and a smooth transition.

ChoiceTech’s goal is to streamline your sales and operational workflow processes to maximize your technology investment and grow your company.

Our Experts provide you with the required tools to maximize your profits and help you ‘Work Smarter, Not harder’. Together we work on strategies to eliminate manual processes with integrated solutions. Increasing your performance with key reports at your fingertips and to make important management decisions.

ChoiceTech’s coaching and training includes a full set of customized instruction guides for your reference.

ChoiceTech has built their reputation on quality service – one client at a time.


ChoiceTech Accounting Solutions was founded in 1997 after Eva Froese discovered the challenges small businesses were facing to successfully manage their financial & operational solutions.

Extensive research in a wide variety of software packages, is what helped her gain the tools and knowledge to assist her clients with selecting the most suitable solutions.

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Adagio moved us to the modern day environment of a Windows-based system. The conversion from Accpac Plus to Adagio was easy and required little extra training. It improved our unique importing processes, and put our historical data at our fingertips. We are amazed at the flexible financial reporting, critical for multi-site tracking. We also like the increased security, and our staff enjoys the quick data entry. We also truly enjoy ChoiceTech’s training and prompt support.

Lance Glennson, Accountant

Ultracuts Ltd.

Blue Sky Opportunities is a nonprofit organization that employs and houses individuals with disabilities in Altona, Manitoba. We have about 200 employees. I am the Accountant and Office Manager.

PayDirt Payroll is so easy to learn to use. Switching to PayDirt has made my payroll process so much easier. The time it takes to do payroll has dropped drastically since we converted our QuickBooks Payroll. We have decreased the time it takes to do our payroll process from three days to less than a day and are still continuing to automate more of the processes. The T4 process is so much easier. We have eliminated the manual T4 adjustments at year end and are now using Paydirt’s automated processes for T4 printing.

We looked at many different payroll programs before we decided to go with PayDirt. Eva recommended PayDirt to us and we love it. Being a non profit organization we don’t have a lot of money to spend. Paydirt gave us what we needed for a low cost. We are extremely happy that we converted to PayDirt Payroll. We highly recommend it.

ChoiceTech Accounting Solutions was key component to the success of the conversion. Their experts are always willing to help with any questions and find a solution for any concern. I would highly recommend ChoiceTech. They did a great job of revamping our accounting software as well & it was amazing.

Great job Eva and Miriam!

Kayla Knelsen, Office Manager

Blue Sky Opportunities

ChoiceTech has added very positive value to our company. When there are Sage 50 issues we can call ChoiceTech and have a Sage rep come to our office and fix the problem instead of trying to do it over the phone with someone from Sage 50, who most often cannot speak clear English. We have worked with ChoiceTech and highly recommend their expertise. Recommend ChoiceTech – Definitely.

Brenda Rempel, Finance Department

WJ Siemens Farming Co.

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