PayDirt Payroll is the best solution for businesses that require a breakdown of wage and benefit expenses to multiple accounts, projects or departments or that have union-style payrolls with numerous benefits and deductions. PayDirt has the “Wow!” factor. When users first see how simple and easy payroll can be, the first thing they say is “Wow!”

No matter how complex (or simple) your payroll is, PayDirt makes it easier, and saves your office staff time, money, and frustration. Generate the desired accounting transaction without having to do additional work outside of the payroll program. Do it right and only once.

ChoiceTech recommends PayDirt Payroll, here are some of the benefits

  • Entering regular hours, overtime hours and double time hours directly into PayDirt’s easily accessible grids makes payroll processing faster and easier. Let PayDirt Payroll calculate all of the other values automatically.
  • Cut your payroll processing time by up to 50%
  • Create complex calculations for hard to calculate paycodes
  • Handle all taxes & remittances with PayDirt
  • Import daily timesheets

Quick and easy year end payroll processes

  • Process Quick & easy T4 PIER adjustments in less then 5 minutes
  • Work in payroll batches for both the previous year and current year
  • Access historical data at your fingertips for multiple years

PayDirt converts the pain of year end processes into a few simple steps!

ChoiceTech Accounting Solutions’ clients who have left the conventional payroll company service bureaus have shared with us the reasons they left those payroll services for PayDirt Payroll.

Not Using PayDirt Leads To:

  • The annual cost per employee when using a payroll service bureau is typically about $80.00 each, which means that a company with 100 employees will likely be paying about $8,000 annually

  • There is an additional charge for each report request made by the client, and also for the printing of T4s, ROEs, etc., so the expected costs may go up

  • All of the payroll entry work is still done by the client and must be communicated to the payroll service bureau, either by phone call, fax, or the internet, so there is no savings in time

  • Payroll service bureaus are not connected to the client’s accounting so payroll accounting can’t be sent directly from payroll to the ledger. Instead, the client’s staff must figure out the accounting from the printed payroll register they receive from the payroll service bureau.

  • Consequently clients typically end up spending twice as much time for payroll processing and retrieving required information and reports from the third party vendor than they would if the payroll was in-house with their data easily accessible. There is no need to call for corrections either.

PayDirt Payroll makes complex payrolls easy!

It is an affordable Canadian payroll solution designed specifically to integrate with your accounting software.