Implementation and Consulting

ChoiceTech’s experts build creative, integrated solutions tailored to your unique requirements while optimizing your time with enhancements to improve your workflows.


As we build a model with your own data, we work on strategies to streamline your current processes to optimize your investment. Bringing in your historical data gives you a head start to continue business as usual and to provide meaningful corporate insight. We design customizable workflows to optimize productivity.

ChoiceTech Accounting Solution experts stand by you for the entire implementation process. As we configure the solution, we start the training to prepare you for the new environment as you start using the new solution.


This partnership represents a long-term strategic relationship, providing consultations, support, training, giving you the tools, you need to help you thrive in a challenging economy. Equipping you with the best tools to keep your customers happy and coming back.

Automated workflows provide you with the opportunity to focus on more important aspects of your business. Manual processes and duplicate data entry create costly corrections, reconciliations wasting time and money. Call us anytime, anywhere.

Our team is here to migrate your historical data to give you the tools you need to continue providing the customer service throughout the transition. successfully, stand by you as you learn the new solution to ensure your business continues as usual.

Barry Minish

“Eva Froese and ChoiceTech Business Services have provided accounting software implementation, training and support to several of my clients. Her understanding of the client’s existing systems and their requirements going forward has been excellent. Her work ethic is exceptional and her in-depth knowledge of accounting software is second to none. She has been able to implement accounting software successfully when required. ” 

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