Adagio Suites

Adagio is a fully integrated modular accounting system. This allows your business to choose modules that suit your needs beyond just the core accounting modules like General Ledger, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, etc. while offering full departmental accounting which is easy to learn. 

What is in Adagio Suites?

With Adagio accounting you can add modules as your business grows. Depending on your industry type, Adagio offers you a set of suites that are designed to address your company’s specific requirements.

Financial Suite

Adagio’s Award-Winning Financial Suite is robust and remarkable feature-set that meet the needs of a wide variety of industries. It is truly built to accommodate complex reporting requirements with a user-friendly interface to carry out their day-to-day activities effectively and efficiently. From Not for Profits, Associations, Distribution to Construction, Adagio provides powerful reporting, analysis, budgeting, and planning including departmental tracking. Adagio’s keyboard driven data entry process, drill downs and a comprehensive, easy to use financial statement designer are just the beginning of a host of amazing features. Adagio’s batch-based system provides a more accurate data entry processes for verification purposes. Unique user preferences and permissions make using Adagio both easy and secure.

With Adagio’s Financial Suite your business can productively issue invoices, collect payments, pay vendors, transfer funds, reconcile accounts and generate in-depth reports. Auditors and accountants love Adagio for its’ excellent audit trail, powerful drill downs and easy access to powerful reporting capabilities. It provides management the opportunity to generate meaningful corporate insights and grow with their organization.

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Operational Suite

Adagio’s Operational Suite manages both the Operational and Financial requirements. It is fully integrated, eliminates any duplicate data entry and easily meets your daily needs accurately and efficiently. The sophisticated inventory management gives you alternate price lists, alternate part numbers, LIFO, FIFO, standard and user defined costing, and advanced user security. 

With Adagio’s Operational Suite you can successfully carry out multi-location stock management, purchase order tracking, shipments & returns. Warehouse management, e-Commerce and unique units of measure, lot tracking, serial numbers, BoM are additional features to meet the requirements of distribution companies with Adagio or third-party add-ons. Adagio Gridview gives users customizable workspace grids tailored to each users’ dashboard desires based on the user’s specific tasks within the organization.

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Utility Suite

Adagio’s Utility Suite offers effective functionality enhancements. It provides process automation, eliminating repetitive tasks such as batch and day end processing, giving staff the opportunity to optimize their time efficiently, improve accuracy and efficiency in their day-to-day tasks.

Adagio DocStore, a sophisticated electronic document management system is an amazing tool. Its drag and drop, drill down capabilities by the click of a button are a phenomenal asset to an organization. You can drill down from anywhere in the accounting system to the pdf documents and easily view them instead of spending time digging for them in your filing cabinets. Your auditor will love these features and save you time and money gather important documents at year end.

Daily backups and data integrity checks are performed at night when you are sleeping and give you peace of mind that your data is secure and clean. It will email you on failure and success each time it runs its process.

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Reporting Tools

Adagio’s reporting tools give you all your desired information at your fingertips giving you in-depth corporate insights. Adagio’s has an award-winning Financial Reporter, built-in management reports with presentation quality and ease of use, drag and drop report customization. Enjoy the flexibility of creating professional and meaningful financial statements in Adagio yourself without an in-depth reporting knowledge. Add grids and charts to create a more visual aspect to your reports.

Adagio provides company consolidation and departmental reporting with ease and simplicity. Easily access and share queries for sales analysis, year to date comparisons, most popular item sold, most profitable customer with Adagio’s flexible and user-friendly reporting tools.

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Client Testimonials

Marvelous words about Adagio!

Sandy Bay Health Centre has been working with ChoiceTech Accounting and Adagio since 2007. We have been able to significantly improve our requisition and purchase order approval process, where each department is responsible to manage their own Purchase Order processes in Adagio. With up to ten users, we are now able to distribute the workload much more evenly. This has given me, as the finance manager, the opportunity to focus on more important aspects like budgeting, bank reconciliations, performing day end and month end procedures and preparing financial statements, etc. ChoiceTech experts have brought many Adagio enhancements to our finance department. With the support from the experts at ChoiceTech, we know we are in good hands. We appreciate the prompt support they provide for us.

Norma Beaulieu, Finance Manager

Sandy Bay Health Centre

Adagio is a very efficient accounting system for our accounting department. We like its features very much, it is easy to use and I love the flexibility of creating basically any customized report that we need. My experience using Adagio is excellent. Quick and easy report customization compared to other software I have worked with.

Gaurang Vyas, Accountant

Milani Plumbing Drainange & Heating

Adagio has been a great investment! We started out with using Ledger, Payables, Receivables and Order Entry for the basic accounting functions. As we grew we started using the Purchase Orders and Inventory modules and Adagio has increased our efficiency by eliminating a lot of manual processes. Changing to computer generated picking slips and invoice process decreased headaches in the accounting department. It significantly improved customer service and gave the accounting department the opportunity to manage their workflow more efficiently. The easily accessible quick help options are great when there is a question. Whenever there are technical issues we can resolve it with our consultant in a timely fashion. Adagio is excellent!

Evan Cole, IT

SP Provisions

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