Reporting Tools

Adagio has some great reporting tools that you are able to build into with other suites and features!

What Adagio Reporting Tools are Available?

5 great reporting tools are accessible to all businesses!

Financial Reporter

  • Flexibility of a spreadsheet application
  • Simple drag and drop functionality
  • Unlimited variety of financial reports
  • Powerful formatting capabilities
  • Drill down to transaction detail
  • Send financial reports with complete formatting to Excel
  • Restrict users to only print/view financial statements to prevent modifications

Adagio Financial Reporter gives you presentation quality drag-and-drop financial statements with just a few clicks of the mouse. This spreadsheet based module is included with both Adagio Ledger and Adagio FX. It allows you to design a variety of reports and then print them (or export them) at month end with one click of a button.

Adagio SalesAnalysis

Analysing sales by date, staff, items and more gives real insight in order to see what has contributed to sales, thereby allowing you to make decisions as required. Comparing sales data from one year to the next enables you to identify trends in the market. Your sales manager will love this module!

Adagio GridView

Adagio GridView is the best tool for report writing you could ever expect in the market. This tool provides spreadsheet based queries with drill down capability into most any data in Adagio and create any type of report you can imagine. Adagio GridView can pull data from any module or multiple modules into one view and allows you to create reports on literally ANYTHING. It’s truly amazing. Yes, Adagio modules come with standard reports, but this…. will really allow you to turn your raw data into meaningful corporate insight.

  • Pull data out of any Adagio Module
  • Create your own dashboard using multiple views
  • Create your own reports

Adagio ChartView

Adagio ChartView is a newer add on to Adagio GridView, enabling you to turn GridView reports into charts. Visual dashboards display executive information and can easily be created to summarize KPI’s. Use this powerful tool for presentations at staff meetings to increase performance. Visuals are a fantastic way to get people motivated or to show them their progress.

Adagio FX

Adagio FX Reporter allows you to consolidate financial statements. Many accounting departments are required to provide financial statements for multiple companies or multiple locations. The ability to drag and drop easily in financial statements and consolidate reports offers flexibility and resolution when wanting an entire overview of your business.

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