Utility Suite

Adagio Utility Suite offers a variety of features for your business!

What is in Adagio Utility Suite?

5 great features are available in Adagio Utility Suite!

Adagio DataCare

Adagio DataCare takes care of your data by automating backup procedures and providing you with reports on the status of your data even when you are out of the office. There is no need for anyone to perform manual backups or waiting on the data integrity checks and backup procedure to complete Adagio DataCare is scheduled to take care of this for you overnight.  It also will automatically run the rebuild function on any damaged data and send you an email with the success or failure detail. The benefits here are incredibly valuable. Your data is the heart of your business, and its health is paramount.

Adagio Console

Adagio Console simplifies site administration and automates repetitive tasks.It enables task Automation in all Adagio core applications. You can easily create and automate a sequential list of tasks to perform in an Adagio application to be run at a convenient time for your accounting department. All applications support common tasks such as: set session date; automate backups: perform data integrity check; import data; and print a report set; retrieve & post batches and perform day end processes. Failure at any point in the process will cancel the automation run so someone can verify the error and fix the problem.

Adagio MultiCurrency

  • Setup & maintain currency codes, tables and exchange rates in an easy-to-use interface
  • Use web browsing buttons to quickly locate exchange rate info from a web site of your choosing
  • Full flexibility for currency formats
  • Print currency reports for reference purposes

Adagio MultiCurrency provides a centralized place to maintain all your foreign currency exchange rates and formatting rules for use by the other Adagio modules.

The Currency Table interface is very straightforward. In addition to the standard currency features, it also allows you to set a web address that you intend to use to obtain the rate information for each currency.

Adagio DocStore

Adagio DocStore is the “path to paperless”. This is an electronic filing system that scans files and attaches your documents to each transaction you enter, giving you the opportunity to drill down on the document from the ledger transaction. It saves reports with unique, meaningful, auto-generated names in a filing system of your choosing. The benefits here are enormous for saving time, space and money. No more stacks of paper waiting to be filed. Adagio DocStore provides a simple interface to scan, search and print reports and documents saved in the accounting department, whether or not generated by Adagio. This allows PDFs to be relocated without breaking any links. A preview window is available to see the contents of any PDF selected. Linked documents can be imported directly into batches in Payables or Ledger as well as to master files like vendors, customers, banks etc.

  • Scan and attach during transaction entry or after posting
  • Drag-and-drop from an Explorer window or email
  • Force all reports to PDF for printing
  • Automatically file all accounting documents & reports
  • Access documents without requiring accounting system access
  • Quickly pays for itself in paper and filing costs
  • Attach documents to any transaction, customer, vendor or bank for quick inquiry

Adagio ODBC

Adagio ODBC is a database connectivity standard supported by virtually every reporting and programming environment that runs on a Microsoft Windows platform. Adagio ODBC (and Adagio ODBC-RW) supports this standard to allow easy integration of your accounting data and other applications.

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