Utility Suite

Adagio Utility Suite offers a variety of features for your business!

Adagio Utility Suite

Adagio DataCare

Adagio DataCare takes care of your data by automating backup procedures and providing you with reports on the status of your data when you at night. It will verify your data automatically run the rebuild function on any damaged data and send you an email with the success or failure detail.  data is the heart of your business, and its health is paramount.

Adagio Console

Adagio Console simplifies site administration and automates repetitive tasks. You can easily create and automate a sequential list of tasks to perform such as: set session date; automate backups: perform data integrity check; import data; and print a report set; retrieve & post batches and perform day end processes.

Adagio DocStore

Adagio DocStore is the “path to paperless”. This is an electronic filing system that scans files and attaches your documents to each transaction you enter, giving you the opportunity to drill down on the document from the ledger transaction. It saves reports with unique, meaningful, auto-generated names in a filing system of your choosing. It saves you time, space and money. Adagio DocStore provides a simple interface to scan, search and print reports and documents. A preview window is available to see the contents of any PDF selected.

  • Scan and attach during transaction entry or after posting
  • Drag-and-drop from an Explorer window or email
  • Force all reports to PDF for printing
  • Automatically file all accounting documents & reports
  • Access documents without requiring accounting system access
  • Attach documents to any transaction, customer, vendor or bank for quick inquiry

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