QuickBooks by Intuit is a viable option for small businesses that need a software package with minimally adaptable invoices, payroll activity and sales tax records capabilities. If your business is looking for an accounting software solution that offers minimal customization and maximum value, then QuickBooks could be for you. 

A complete, easy-to-use accounting package, QuickBooks has powerful searches by transaction, amount, customer type, item or reports based on specific date ranges. At ChoiceTech Accounting, we can help you with all your QuickBooks needs, implementation, training, consulting and data repair. Why should your business consider QuickBooks?

  • Save time with automated bookkeeping tasks
  • Instantly generate reports with the information you need
  • Share data with popular Microsoft Programs
  • Email invoices and statements
  • Easy and efficient online transactions
  • Get accurate financial statements
  • Have strong security and control over your accounting

QuickBooks can yield a number of benefits for any business.

QuickBooks provides countless benefits as it assists in keeping track of all basic transactions, such as sales receipts, invoices, and cheques. While accounting can be quite a mundane chore that many choose to avoid, QuickBooks simplifies the process of bookkeeping. ChoiceTech will assist you with any transactions that you may find a chore aside from the actual daily data entry, taking the pain out of your record keeping processes and preparing your year end for your accountant thereby decreasing your accounting costs significantly.

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