Operational Suite

Adagio by Softrak combines a batch interface with online processing for its order entry and inventory software. The Operational Suite consists of:

  • Five markup/discount levels by customer type or quantity purchased with date sensitive pricing
  • View Quantity on hand, on order, on PO
  • Landed Cost Inventory Tracking
  • Track two preferred vendors for inventory pricing
  • Create one Purchase Order with multiple vendors
  • Receive a full Purchase Order by one click
  • Easily track outstanding PO’s by expected ship date
  • Search customers by customer code, name, last name, contact, phone number or other criteria

What is included in Adagio Operational Suite?

8 great features are available in Adagio Operational Suite!

Adagio Inventory

Adagio Inventory is a complete multi-location stock management and control system which tracks purchases, receipts, shipments, returns and adjustments.

Adagio Order Entry

Adagio OrderEntry automates your sales order entry and invoicing, allowing you to manage and track backorders, future orders and standing orders, invoices and credit notes.

  • Inventory Management
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Order Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Warehouse Management – Third Party

Adagio PurchaseOrders

Sophisticated Purchase Order and Inventory Receipts system Purchase Orders provides an approval process to approve orders prior to issuing the Purchase Order while ordering supplies or inventory. Easily lookup historical Purchase Orders, track the status of any Purchase Order whether closed, open or partially receipted.

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