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Norma Beaulieu,
Finance Manager

Sandy Bay Health Centre

Sandy Bay Health Centre has been working with ChoiceTech Accounting and Adagio since 2007. We have been able to significantly improve our requisition and purchase order approval process, where each department is responsible to manage their own Purchase Order processes in Adagio. With up to ten users, we are now able to distribute the workload much more evenly. This has given me, as the finance manager, the opportunity to focus on more important aspects like budgeting, bank reconciliations, performing day end and month end procedures and preparing financial statements, etc. ChoiceTech experts have brought many Adagio enhancements to our finance department. With the support from the experts at ChoiceTech, we know we are in good hands. We appreciate the prompt support they provide for us.

Karen Friesen, 

Imperial Metal

ChoiceTech offers a fantastic service. There is nothing Eva can’t figure out or find an answer for. I really value ChoiceTech and like to refer people to them.

Sherri Toews,


I have full confidence in ChoiceTech and have found them to be of great value to me. When we work on a project it will be completed with accuracy and proficiency. I don’t know of anyone else who will do support like they do and help me out of my frustrations whenever I need them. They provide a valuable service and are known for their honesty and integrity. I hope to gain more of their knowledge someday.

Brenda Rempel,
Finance Department

WJ Siemens Farming Co.

ChoiceTech has added very positive value to our company. When there are Sage issues we can call ChoiceTech and have a Sage rep come to our office and fix the problem instead of trying to do it over the phone with someone from Sage, who most often cannot speak clear English. We have worked with ChoiceTech and highly recommend their expertise. Recommend ChoiceTech – Definitely.

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Ronda Herman,
Director of Finance

First Nation Organization

I was introduced to Adagio by working with First Nations. Some of the strong requirements for First Nation organizations are the intense reporting requirements imposed by the government. The ability to create & manipulate reports to be exactly what is required are critical in the decision making process. I’ve had a very positive experience using Adagio. When working with First Nations there can be a very demanding and quick turnaround time for reporting and getting cheques out the door. I find that with Adagio there are fewer steps required from your source document to your final process of providing the required documents making it an excellent software option. The integration is better than a lot of accounting programs. A more informed management group and the flexibility of departmental reports have allowed me to have more time at the end of the day to complete other tasks.

Lance Glennson,

Ultracuts Ltd.

Adagio moved us to the modern day environment of a Windows-based system. The conversion from Accpac Plus to Adagio was easy and required little extra training. It improved our unique importing processes, and put our historical data at our fingertips. We are amazed at the flexible financial reporting, critical for multi-site tracking. We also like the increased security, and our staff enjoys the quick data entry. We also truly enjoy ChoiceTech’s training and prompt support.

Jeff Ruetz,
Accounting Supervisor

Balzer’s Canada

Adagio Accounting is one of the most stable and user-friendly accounting solutions for a medium sized to large company. It is very customizable and provides all the features and modules we need.

We are in the construction industry with 200-500 employees in Saskatchewan and a commercial location in Alberta. We are a unionized company and deal solely with building trade unions, therefore we have a high fluctuation of employees.

We started using Adagio Accounting in 2004. Over the years, Softrak has added modules and our Accounting suite has grown, it has served us very well. Jobcost and Purchase Orders are part of our daily processes. Adagio allows us to react to the environment of the industry and moved us to the digital accounting age.

We are very happy with ChoiceTech’s performance, our Adagio Suite and how it performs for us. We are more than satisfied with the support and guidance we are receiving. As these platforms grow and improve we are sure to see our business and accounting software continue to expand. We have a good working partnership with ChoiceTech and enjoy the active part they play in supporting us.

ChoiceTech’s experts are dedicated to doing their best to deliver and meet all our requirements. They actively assist us in implementing new features and improving any of our current processes. They have implemented Purchases Orders to assist us in automating our daily processes and moved us to an electronic document management system. It has paid dividends already and will benefit us even more going forward.

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Kayla Knelsen,
Office Manager

Blue Sky Opportunities

Blue Sky Opportunities is a nonprofit organization that employs and houses individuals with disabilities in Altona, Manitoba. We have about 200 employees. I am the Accountant and Office Manager.

PayDirt Payroll is so easy to learn to use. Switching to PayDirt has made my payroll process so much easier. The time it takes to do payroll has dropped drastically since we converted our QuickBooks Payroll. We have decreased the time it takes to do our payroll process from three days to less than a day and are still continuing to automate more of the processes. The T4 process is so much easier. We have eliminated the manual T4 adjustments at year end and are now using Paydirt’s automated processes for T4 printing.

We looked at many different payroll programs before we decided to go with PayDirt. Eva recommended PayDirt to us and we love it. Being a non profit organization we don’t have a lot of money to spend. Paydirt gave us what we needed for a low cost. We are extremely happy that we converted to PayDirt Payroll. We highly recommend it.

ChoiceTech Accounting Solutions was key component to the success of the conversion. Their experts are always willing to help with any questions and find a solution for any concern. I would highly recommend ChoiceTech. They did a great job of revamping our accounting software as well & it was amazing.

Great job Eva and Miriam!

Evan Cole, IT

SP Provisions

Adagio has been a great investment! We started out with using Ledger, Payables, Receivables and Order Entry for the basic accounting functions. As we grew we started using the Purchase Orders and Inventory modules and Adagio has increased our efficiency by eliminating a lot of manual processes. Changing to computer generated picking slips and invoice process decreased headaches in the accounting department. It significantly improved customer service and gave the accounting department the opportunity to manage their workflow more efficiently. The easily accessible quick help options are great when there is a question. Whenever there are technical issues we can resolve it with our consultant in a timely fashion. Adagio is excellent!

Candice Trussler,
Director of Finance

Manitoba Centennial Centre Corp.

We are a small organization and Adagio fits our accounting very well with its robust service and platform. My experience with Adagio is entirely positive. It is user friendly and anytime I’ve needed assistance our consultant was able to help me out. The Financial Reporter is very easy to use. By the click of a button it generates all reports for me. I can export them with a click to excel to manipulate the data, creating graphs and charts. It’s easy to understand and I can easily create budgets by exporting and importing from a spreadsheet. It’s pretty easy to use all around and doesn’t require tons of training. Adagio is perfect for small to medium sized organizations and even for someone who has the least experience with software. Adagio is great!

Barry Minish


Eva Froese and ChoiceTech Business Services have provided accounting software implementation, training and support to several of my clients. Her understanding of the client’s existing systems and their requirements going forward has been excellent. Her work ethic is exceptional and her in-depth knowledge of accounting software is second to none. She has been able to implement accounting software successfully when required.

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