Production Management 

Quickly and cost-effectively manage orders for standard, custom-to-order and specialty products requiring, estimating, and bill of materials (BOMs). The Production Manger add-on lets you control inventory accurately, reducing unplanned expenses and improve cash flow.

Efficiently plan production from beginning to end and track progress with real-time information on raw materials, costs and production status.

• Customizable on-the-fly production processes
• Serial number tracking & Lot traceability
• Setting scrap and yield factors
• Streamlined and automated production and scheduling processes
Commit raw materials before production begins

• Link production order to sales orders
• Customize production builds on the fly
• Track work-in-progress (WIP) and track revisions
• Manage production phases with one click
• Use templates to produce standard or customized products
• Update templates from within a production order
• Track revisions to templates
• Set scrap and yield percentage and add instructions for each production order
• Assign serial/lot numbers to production order builds
• Add consumption of raw materials
• Automatically generate requisitions from inventory shortages and create purchase orders
• Identify shortages based on committed items and requirements
• Print production schedules, production orders and trials build reports
• Automatically create production orders from sales orders and shortages

Order processing lets you manage sales activities, such as quote entry, order fulfillment, shipment creation, pricing, discounting, and stock status inquiries.

Spire Production Order Manager